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Chinook Estate Services has been in business for over 30 years, providing estate sales, appraisals, liquidations and downsizing in the Portland metropolitan area as well as Washington and California.

Estate sales - Estate Sales are a benefit to both the sellers and the buyers of the property being sold in the estate sale and they are so much more than a large garage sale. Chinook Estate Services is an experienced estate sale provider you can trust to handle your estate   sale needs.  READ MORE

  • Benefits for Sellers - With an extensive history in property valuation we are able to quickly identify the true values of the property being sold and help the seller correctly price every item to maximize their return but also to ensure that the property is sold.
  • Benefits for Buyers - People who purchase property at an estate sale benefit by acquiring good quality useful items at prices far below retail values. Most people who buy property at estate sales find the experience to be a little bit like a treasure hunt.

Downsizing - You don't need to have a death in the family or an opulent house filled with valuable antiques to have an estate sale. Maybe you're just ready to downsize and get out from under the burden of so much physical property. Either way we can help you sell your belongings.  READ MORE

Appraisals - Even if you're not ready to sell property right now you may have a desire or a need to know what your property is worth. We do all types of professional appraisals for probate or insurance or to document property values for a will.  READ MORE

Antique Dealer - We are antique dealers so we are always in the market to buy and sell antiques. We are always interested in talking to you about your property, whether it's in regards to an estate sale, downsizing, appraisal or as an antique or collectible sales transaction.  READ MORE

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